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            Chengdu Environment Group

            Chengdu Environment Investment Group Co., Ltd. is a large state-owned water and environmental service providers integrated value integrator principally engaged in investment, construction and operation of water supply, environmental protection, water conservancy and other infrastructure. Group established covering raw water supply, water production and supply……

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            Water Supply

            Attainment rate of water quality is 100%,
            reach national standars Class One

            Sewage Treatment

            Chengdu urban city 8 sewage treatment plants,
            with total capacity of 1.3 million t/d

            Water Conservancy Projects

            Aim to supply water to both urban and rural area,
            as emergency water source

            Environment Industry

            Group vigorously marches into the environmental protection industry,
            Actively involves in the field of circular economy development

            Investment Projects

            Accumulated investment & development experiences in water,
            environmental protection, education and many other fields

            Extend Indusrty

            Has been the country's 12 provincial capitals and 97
            county-level cities for water supply and drainage enterprises